inspired by our love for the Algarve’s natural beauty

A little bit about us and what we care about…


Our why?

We live in the Algarve because we love the lifestyle, the weather, the food, wine, spirit of community and the fabulous sense of freedom. To be in the city with magical surroundings just a 10 minute drive away, breathing clean air, enjoying tranquility and undisturbed nature with fantastic views.
And that’s why we do jeep tours – we love it here and love for you to love it too.


We enjoy quality. Of life. Of everything.
Which is why we have air-conditioned Land Cruisers and provide a spacious seating arrangement on our tours – no cramped conditions, just cool comfortable quality.


Because we care. We care about your comfort and safety, we care about our service. And we want to make your off-road adventure the best it can be. We look after our fleet so that your tour isn’t just an exhilarating off-road adventure – it’s an enjoyable, relaxing and secure one.


We’re friendly people who enjoy socialising and guiding, and even moreso – we love to introduce the highlights of the hidden Algarve and watch you enjoy the view.
Every customer has a different reaction to the sights, smells and sounds, and each time we see it from a new person’s perspective, we see it with fresh eyes.


We have a deep love for our home; the land, wildlife and communities.
We work closely with conservation and maritime organisations to make sure that we minimise our impact on the environment and we make an annual contribution to the local Bombeiros (firefighters) in order to support their voluntary work.


Our donation of €1 for every customer who joins us for a jeep tour helps to provide equipment and supplies for the Bombeiros.
90% of the 350 firefighters who worked tirelessly for several days to bring the forest fires of Foia, Monchique and Caldas de Monchique under control were unpaid volunteers.
In addition to all the normal rescue operations, the bombeiros show incredible bravery tackling wildfires in the area. The Algarve’s long dry summers present a high risk environment with ideal conditions for fires to spread rapidly; with the devastation caused by forest fires we’d like to see them put out as fast as possible.

Who we are?

Axel Winschuh

From: Germany

Lived in: Germany, England, Algarve

Speaks: German, English, Portuguese

Worked in: Advertising and Design, Tourism, Small Business set up and management

Loves: The land, people, freedom, nature, outdoors, sharing it with others, giving professional but personal and friendly service.

João Mendes

From: Lisbon, Portugal

Lived in: England, Jersey, Algarve

Speaks: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Worked in: Care – Special Needs,
Tourism, Sailing

Loves: Sunshine, sea, sailing, nature, family, friends, exploring, meeting new people and showing them the beautiful sights of the Algarve

What we love about the Wild Algarve

Away from the built up and often crowded resort areas, the unspoilt wilderness of the Algarve is a paradise for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who fancies a change of scenery.

Our jeep tours take you off the beaten track to lesser-known areas of astounding natural beauty, inaccessible to normal traffic but no problem for our 4x4s! 

The Natural Park – Parque Natural de Costa Vicentina – is the largest preserved coastal natural park in Europe. Covering almost 750 km2 and stretching 150 km along the Algarve’s west coast and into the Alentejo, it’s an incredible landscape and sanctuary for wildlife. With a huge diversity of flora and fauna, and a variety of birdlife that attracts people from all over the world, the natural park is strictly protected from development and pollution.

The west coast of the Algarve

On the west coast of the Algarve, we travel a rugged coastline, edged by dramatic towering clifftops, meeting rural countryside and wilderness on one side, the Atlantic on the other. If you’re impressed by the ocean you’ll be in your element with the salty wind and surging sea as you take in the sights from what the Romans once believed was ‘The End of the World’. At the tip of the Sagres peninsula stands the Cabo de São Vicente, which is a popular spot for very good reason. Come with us and see for yourself!

Our routes pass through forests and wooded areas, where wafts of pine and eucalyptus greet us warmly and areas of scattered cork oak stand strong, creating an air of fortitude and wisdom.

Here we find little pockets of wildlife, oasis-like ponds, lakes and dams, surrounded by the sound of uninterrupted nature.


The Monchique mountain range

The Monchique mountain range – Serra de Monchique – is famous for its natural spring water with healing properties, and well-renowned for retaining the Algarvian traditions. Here we find artisans and handmade goods, honey and medronho makers and great lungfuls of clean mountain air to accompany the incredible view. It’s surprisingly stunning, even on the rare cloudy day, and we’re still awestruck by it every time, despite our many visits.
One of the things we love the most about our work is taking customers to see these fabulous highlights of the unspoiled Algarve; because no matter how many times we visit, we see the spots through fresh eyes and appreciate them more each time. If anything, the wow factor gets better each time.


what are you waiting for?
Let’s get off the internet and go and explore. 

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Where to find us

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